Bruce Hudson and Hudson's Portrait Design were named one of the best family portrait photographers in Seattle for 2017!

You know, after being in business for 35 years, it's still nice to be recognized for our craft and our commitment to our family portrait clients in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, and surrounding areas!


Bruce Hudson & Hudson's Portrait Design... One of the Top Family Portrait Photographer in Seattle!

We just got the call today and we are so excited! Our photography studio's main focus has always been family portraits, we love meeting with our clients and custom designing family wall decor for their home like this:


Family Portrait Ideas - Home Decor Ideas | Custom 50 inch canvas Family wall portrait

So why was Master Photographer Bruce Hudson chosen as one of the best family portrait photographers in Seattle? You can view the article here and learn more:


Wow, what an honor to be named one of the best family photographers in Seattle!

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