[Family Portraits] Thank you for the unexpected...

It's been an amazing summer photographing clients, both returning and brand new ones, like the McHenry Family!


Family Portrait near Covington & Black Diamond

Thank you for the unexpected...

"Ahhh... we finally did it! The date was set and the kids were excited. We were going to have Hudson's Portrait Design capture our clan in real time in a beautiful setting. We approached the day with the expectation of a professional yet intimate experience that ultimately resulted with some great family photos. We got exactly what we expected but it's what we didn't expect that has profoundly affected me. It's the intense feelings of pride, gratitude and love that flows through me when I see my family smiling back at me from above the fireplace in my living room. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but our family portrait is worth so much more. It’s an ever-present reminder of who I am and what is important in this sometimes crazy family, my roots, my purpose, and my gift to the world. I can't think of anything more appropriate or valuable to display as the heart of my home and it inspires me to pick up the phone to chat with the kids, to say "I love you" more often and to cherish the blessing that is family. Thank you Bruce and Josh for the unexpected." - Therese McHenry, Kent WA


The McHenry's now have a stunning piece of family art in their home, it was custom designed to fit this space, all the way down to matching the colors of the accent candles to their clothing. A 30x40 inch canvas portrait that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

So, you can wait for the Ultimate Family Portrait Guide to arrive in the mail or, if you are ready to pick Bruce's brain in person, now is the time to set up a no obligation pre-portrait planning consultation at our studio in Tukwila. It only takes about an hour and we'll even buy you a coffee! That's right, be one of the first 10 people to call or email us and book your free consultation and you'll receive a Starbucks Gift Card just for coming in to chat!

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