family portraits are challenging...

let bruce help... it can also save you $125!

Scheduling a family portrait is one of the hardest things to coordinate, the logistics of getting everyone together can seem like a nightmare! The kid’s nap schedules, out of town family, and then there is the unpredictable weather… YIKES! And when exactly are you supposed to have a family portrait taken, there is no “set time” like a high school senior portrait or a wedding, right? Not to worry, to aid you in your quest for the Perfect Family Portrait, Master Photographer Bruce Hudson has put his 35+ years of experience photographing literally thousands of families into one, comprehensive guide! And the best part... it's FREE! All you have to do to get your hands on this is fill out the form next to you... that's it!

AND... as a reward for taking the time to plan and educate yourself about the family portrait planning process, we will include a certificate that is good for 50% off your session fee! That's a $125 value just for requesting our guide! 

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