$97 session fee + acrylic block print

Let’s face it… Hudson’s is not known for being a discount studio. But even Nordstrom has a sale from time to time, right? With the weather changing for the better we wanted to do something fun to lead us into the Spring busy season! And, we need your help!A new product we are launching this year is an acrylic block print, it literally is a print that is made out of acrylic. It’s perfect on a desk or end table and is something that is brand new on the market. Only a handful of professional labs even have the technology to hand craft them. So this is where you come in… we want to print one of your family! It will help us get some samples in the studio and test the quality, which has impressed us so far!

Ok, so what is the promo and how can you help?

Our normal on-location session fee is $200 and this acrylic block print will retail for $300, so that is a $500 total value.But your cost… you will only pay $97! That’s it! Just $97 gets you an on-location session with Master Photographer Bruce Hudson… and you’ll walk away with a cool new piece of art for you to display in your home! 


Sounds to good to be true? What’s the catch? Up sell?


All you have to do is pay for your session fee online before February 28 and book your planning consultation with Bruce at our studio. And this is no obligation by the way, even after the consultation if you decide that we are not the right photographer for you, we will refund your session fee no questions asked. We’ve been in business 35 years, we didn’t get this far with bait and switch promos. You have nothing to lose, just give us a try! And for you existing clients out there, you know what a good deal this is… JUMP ON IT! Of course you can invest in more than just the acrylic block print, but you are under no obligation or pressure to do so!

So let’s recap…

$97 For An On-Location Session Fee + Acrylic Block Print…you save $403!

Step One: Purchase your session fee online 

Step Two: Call or email us to schedule your no-obligation consultation!

That’s it! There are few minor details to consider. We are only going to sell this limited time session promo to the first 20 clients who pay online and book. So yes, you do have until February 28th to pull the trigger… but I would purchase it sooner rather than later! And, this promotion is designed for family portraits, couple’s portraits, pet parent family portraits, and children’s portraits. Cannot be used towards senior portraits, but maybe if you call and beg me I might be persuaded to change my mind... wink!What are you waiting for, let’s have some fun, celebrate the coming of spring, you will help us out, and you'll get a KILLER deal on a session + acrylic block print!

What are you waiting for?

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