Over the next 11 months we will not be collecting any session fees for family portraits. Zip, Zero… all family portrait sessions will be completely free of charge. Instead of charging a session fee we will be accepting donations to a local charity and 100% of that donation will go to the charity! Your donation is your ticket for a free family portrait!

Our goal is to raise $3600 per month (about 18 sessions), this is to celebrate our 36 years in business. If we reach our goal that will end up totaling almost $40,000 for local charities! And each month we will be featuring a different charity so we can spread the love around. It’s Portraits for a Purpose!


September Charity

September's Charity is Ultimate Vision! Ultimate Vision is helping people see in new ways. The founder Clark Roberts lost is site while in college and applies what he has learned dealing with loss of site to everyday life for students, business professionals, and more! 

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How it works...

1. On the first of each month will announce the featured charity that will receive the donations that month. We will email and post it on our Facebook page.

2. Contact us and book your consultation – All the session fees (donations) that are collected during that month will be donated (100%) to the featured charity! Go to our contact page to schedule: or use the form below!

3. At the end of the month we will present the funds raised to that charity!

4. This will repeat every month for the entire year!

So… what do you think? Let’s work together, create some amazing family portraits, and help some worthy causes along the way!

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