Bellevue, located just east of Seattle, also offers several picturesque locations for photography. Here are some of the best places to take pictures in Bellevue:

Bellevue Botanical Garden:

Spread across 53 acres, the Bellevue Botanical Garden is a stunning oasis filled with beautifully landscaped gardens, including a rock garden, a Japanese garden, and a water-wise garden. It provides numerous opportunities for capturing vibrant flowers, serene paths, and seasonal displays.

Downtown Bellevue Skyline:

The downtown Bellevue skyline offers a modern and sleek backdrop for urban photography. The high-rise buildings and architectural details create a striking cityscape, especially during sunset and blue hour.

Mercer Slough Nature Park:

This 320-acre wetland nature park offers a peaceful retreat within the city. With boardwalks, trails, and a variety of flora and fauna, Mercer Slough Nature Park provides excellent opportunities for capturing landscapes, wildlife, and reflections in the water.

Bellevue Downtown Park:

Located in the heart of Bellevue, the Downtown Park features a large open lawn, a water feature, a reflecting pond, and lush greenery. The park’s manicured lawns and elegant design make it an ideal setting for portrait photography and capturing natural beauty.

Bellevue Arts Museum:

If you’re interested in contemporary art and architecture, the Bellevue Arts Museum is worth a visit. The building itself offers interesting lines, shapes, and angles, while the exhibits inside provide artistic and creative subjects for photography.

Lake Washington Waterfront:

Bellevue has a picturesque waterfront along Lake Washington with parks, marinas, and docks. Locations like Meydenbauer Bay Park and Enatai Beach Park offer scenic views, waterfront activities, and the chance to capture sailboats, sunsets, and the city skyline.

Kelsey Creek Park:

Kelsey Creek Park is a peaceful park with open meadows, trails, a creek, and a farm. It provides opportunities to capture natural landscapes, wildlife, and farm animals like sheep, goats, and chickens.

Bellevue Bottega:

Located in downtown Bellevue, the Bellevue Bottega is a charming European-style courtyard with cobblestone streets, colorful facades, and outdoor seating. It offers a unique and photogenic setting reminiscent of European towns.

Crossroads Park:

Crossroads Park is a community park featuring a large grassy area, a water spray feature, a playground, and public art installations. It provides a lively and family-friendly atmosphere for capturing outdoor activities and candid moments.

Downtown Bellevue Street Scenes:

Exploring the streets of downtown Bellevue can lead to interesting urban photography opportunities. From bustling streets and unique architecture to street art and cultural events, there are often vibrant scenes waiting to be captured.

These locations in Bellevue offer a diverse range of subjects, from natural beauty to urban environments, ensuring there’s something for every photography enthusiast to enjoy and capture. For some of the best places to take pictures in Seattle, click here!