Your Wedding and Engagement Experience at Hudson’s

Decades of Experience…

Bruce’s artistic approach to wedding photography has earned him both national and international recognition in his profession. So much so that Bruce teaches other wedding photographers how to better manage their wedding coverage and create high impact imagery.

From the moment you said “yes”…

…nothing has been quite the same. Your life together is an important mixture of excitement, heartfelt emotions, and anticipation for the days to come as a couple. Part of your wedding photography collection should also include engagement portraits.

Bruce Hudson loves this part of the wedding process because he has the opportunity to get to know his future bride and grooms on a more personal level.

“This is the perfect time to start building a strong relationship with my clients. The more comfortable my clients are with me and being in front of the camera, the better and more natural the expressions will be. Thus, the better your engagement and wedding images will turn out”, says Bruce!

At Hudson’s Portrait Design, we want to know the details of your engagement. Where and when it happened, what are you both into, and why is your love special to one another. We do this because we want this process to be unique to you and your fiancé, much like your proposal was! Bruce is willing to travel anywhere to help you tell your engagement story.

In fact, many of the wedding collections offered at Hudson’s include engagement sessions and credits towards some beautiful portraits for display at your wedding!

Telling Your Story…

Your wedding is a celebration of two lives coming together. Choosing the right photographer is something that should not be taken lightly. In today’s world of digital photography, it seems everyone thinks they’re a professional photographer, literally shooting thousands of images to get a few that look halfway decent.

For a true professional like Bruce Hudson, it’s never about how many images a photographer takes, but it’s all about the talent behind the camera and the personal connection with each client. It’s also about capturing the true essence of you and your fiancé’s journey together.

Custom Wedding Album Design

Designing a one of a kind wedding album collection is one of our major goals for every couple we work with. At Hudson’s, no two albums are alike. Each collection of images is as unique as your personalities. We have a full-time designer on staff that will assist throughout the entire process as well as hands-on attention from Bruce, ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for!

Unlike other photographers, these albums are created completely custom and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and layouts.

Your wedding photography is the one investment that you and your family will treasure for generations to come.

Bruce Hudson is a master at capturing the essence and passion of your wedding journey here in the Seattle area; he can also do the same for a wedding anywhere in the world! Bruce has been called upon by his clients to cover weddings from Tokyo to Scottsdale, Kansas City to South Carolina, Kauai to Colorado Springs – the sky’s the limit for your wedding story.

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